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Cigar Box Amps

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Our 2 watt amps are powered by a 9 volt battery and each one has an on/off, volume, tone, and even a gain control designed to sustain and distort your lead to the precise degree you like. Or, you can back this distortion control all the way out and just have simple, clear, accurate amplification of your acoustic electric or pure electric guitar, straight up. An added benefit of our amps is you can use them with a power supply (included) and “plug in” as well as run in full “portable” battery mode. The headphone jacks and toggle switches allow you to switch between headphone only, headphone + speaker, and speaker only output and choose between practice in private or performance in public. The same option is available for any audio source you pump through your amp. It’s all up to you as far as how creative you’d like to be with your cigar box amp by Bluzman Music.

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1. Will the amp work with devices other than Cigar Box Guitars?
YES, it will work with ANY type of electric guitar,amplified instrument or devices including IPODS, IPADS, MP3 Players, CD Players, Computers, Laptops, Microphones, and other not yet invented devices!

2. Can I plug the amp in when AC power is available?
Absolutely, this capability included at no extra cost!

3. How long will the amp run on a single 9 Volt Battery?
Up to 12 hours! If you plug into AC outlet when available, the battery can last for months!

4. How many cigar box amp styles are available?
Unlimited. At this point we have built and delivered hundreds of amps including those built as custom orders for customers. Contact me if you have an antique, unique, or particular cigar box you’d like us to use in construction. We’ve created special themed amps for promotional and marketing use by Fortune 500 Companies! Every order is important to us! One grateful grandma said the Bluzman amp was the must have item on her grandson’s Christmas list.

5. What is the “Artist” Series?
The artist series employs special cigar boxes and materials or techniques applied by local folk artists that follow various themes, such as “Outer Space” “Voodoo” or “Patriotic” themes. Stone inlays, metalwork, woodburning, oil painting or other processes are used to make true collectors pieces signed by the artist. Some loyal customers have collected over 40 amps individually at this point while matching each amps tonal and artistic qualities to specific guitars in their collections. Keep your eye out for the next “Artist Series” Bluzman themed collectible amp.

6. How do the amps sound?
Our customers love the clean settings for hours of clean responsive IPOD/Audio listening as well as the built in variable distortion available for lead and heavier guitar effects. Clean or dirty, it’s up to you. The tonal range will surprise you.

7. Are there controls other than volume?
Yes, you also have a variable tone control, a distortion/sustain control, and a switch to turn the speaker on or off allowing you to choose when you are heard and when only you can hear through headphones, or enjoy both modes simultaneously.

8. What does the future hold for Bluzman Amps?
In the future, there are new effects on the way, as well as plans to partner with one of the top cigar box guitar builders.

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